Originally from the suburbs of Minneapolis, Bryce was intrigued with music from an early age. He plunked away at the piano at home and sputtered through some early lessons. Formal lessons began with regularity in the second grade. Bryce was very involved in music all through school and especially at church. Some great musical experiences came from his role as a part-time church pianist, beginning around age twelve. It was during these times that he grew greatly in skill and confidence, growing accustomed to being at the piano bench.
He took on a few students of his own and began teaching private lessons, while still studying piano himself with Steve Quesnel. While piano was always the primary instrument, he also studied classical organ and trumpet.
Though trained in classical and church music, Bryceis interest in pop and rock music was growing. He dabbled at songwriting, sequencing, and programming and performed on occasion.
Bryce went on to study piano at Wheaton Conservatory of Music at Wheaton College, near Chicago. This dealt him many hours in a white-walled practice room. He studied under Dr. Daniel Horn, and progressed immensely in his skills as a pianist. It was also here that he further explored his interest in technology in music. He got into recording and programming at a deeper level. Dr. Gary Rand became a catalyst for an interest in music in advertising and a commercial setting. Getting the inside scoop on the workings of a Chicago jingle-house and ad music company was something that really piqued interest.
The senior recital was the culmination of four years at Wheaton and much hard work earned Bryce a Bachelor of Music degree in 1996. That summer he relocated to the Nashville, Tennessee, area, where he currently resides.
He has since been touring worldwide out of Nashville, as well as doing some work in recording and live production. Some of the acts he has played for include:
!HERO: The Rock Opera, Rebecca St. James, Jesseís Vineyard, Code of Ethics, Devin Webb, Al Denson, Dez Dickerson, Polarboy, The Insyderz, Fuller Band, and Grammy-Award winning Petra, with whom he was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 2000.